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  • Pinning 101

      In case you REALLY want to study up on how to correctly pin a number, we’ve collected a few more resources: Cycling Skills: Number Pinning & Placement A guide complied by our friends at 331 Racing GCN: How To Pin Your Race Number A Cycling Skills commentary on number crumpling 

  • Single Speed MTB Gearing

    Ride single speed MTB? So do a lot of PG Racing team members! John Draskovic made this helpful chart to cover most ratios used for 29ers in Ohio. 32×19 (with 29x~2.1-2.2) is the most common ratio used by PGers. A few reference points from within our team: Dirk Kostoff races a 34×21. Tom Draskovic has »more

  • Thoughts on CX Course Design: Switchbacks & Corners

    Frequently in mid-west CX courses we have turns and courses that are too narrow or taped too deliberately to allow riders to choose their own lines or technique through the corners. The Tabor second round UCI cyclocross World Cup course provided a great example of wide, open, turns that allow for good technical riders to gain »more

  • Columbus MTB Trailheads

    I get lost while driving to trail heads…a lot. They’re never at the primary park entry point, and google maps are usually not of much help. But, it’s still nice to be able to use your phone, gps, whatever device to get there. Check the links below for locations that should be routable on a »more