Mohican 100

PG Racing was proud to have five finishers of this year’s Mohican 100 mile & 100k.

Shannon Tenwalde crushed her Mohican PR with a 9:41:11 finish, landing her on the extended podium in 4th place!

Taylor Kruse finished the 100 mile SS race in 8:45:44, only five minutes off his time from last year, good enough for 11th place.

Chris Arndt bested his PR by a significant margin with his 9:37:37 finish. 

Allen Loy finished the difficult race in 11:15:01. 

McClain Murphy approached Mohican as not only his first MTB race, but also his first MTB ride. He seriously had never been on a MTB course before the race. His 7:48:05 finish proves he has what it takes to race. 



All photos thanks to Butch Phillips!