Return to Infirmary Mound

Hey, PG racing fans, so I know it seems like we just put on a cyclocross race yesterday, but we’re doing it AGAIN, on December 7th. This third day of racing is once again at Infirmary Mound Park in Granville, Ohio. If you raced last time around, it will be a similar course to the Saturday route, but without the single track and rooted climb. We’d like to keep those sections in the course (they’re super rad and everyone loves them), but the Dec 7 race is also the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Championship, and USAC doesn’t really like narrow course sections, so since it’s a championship, we’re going to play it safe and leave that out.


All you Cap City riders should double check the schedule. We had to move stuff around to make room for the collegiate races. But, in return, you’ll get to watch (or ride against) some pretty rad riders like Andrew Dillman and Kaitlin Antonneau.


The race flier is available here.

And, you can pre-register here.