Single Speed MTB Gearing

gear chartRide single speed MTB? So do a lot of PG Racing team members!

John Draskovic made this helpful chart to cover most ratios used for 29ers in Ohio.

32×19 (with 29x~2.1-2.2) is the most common ratio used by PGers.

A few reference points from within our team:

  • Dirk Kostoff races a 34×21.
  • Tom Draskovic has raced a 32×19.
  • Larkin Kelly races 32×18.
  • John Caughell races a 32×19.
  • Justin Brown, 32×20.
  • Taylor Kruse raced a 32×18 on the Tour Divide, but uses 32×19 for XC.
  • Dan Monnig and John Draskovic use 32×20 and a 32×19.