PG Challenges

775130_10100751290275452_81695708_oThe challenge routes are arranged from easiest to most difficult (the technical nature of the type of riding included, not just distance). Our goal is to foster interaction and community between PG Racing, fitness riders, gravel grinders and MTB riders. Rides 1-3 are designed to be able to be done by novice riders, while still challenging their fitness and technical abilities. The first few are designed to be very encouraging, rewarding and help get challengers ready to attempt the more difficult routes. Rides 4-7 include routes that require an advanced level of fitness and also have advanced level technical features on the route.

Complete at least 5 Challenges, and you’ll get free entry to PARTY SUPER AWESOME, later this summer. The 6 Challenges will take place between May 15th and July 30th.

Photo Challenge:
Starting on May 15th use #PGChallenge to tag your photos you take during the challenges on Instagram, because at Party Super Awesome hosted by Arcade Super Awesome we will be giving away a super cool prize for the winner of the Best Photo Competition.

While the team will host and lead on designated ride dates, you can do the challenge on any date you’re able. You just have to upload the gps data to the Strava group for verification between May 15 – July 30th.

Joining the Strava group will help us keep track of things and award prizes. Don’t have a GPS or smartphone to upload a Strava ride? Don’t worry. At each challenge we will announce a way to verify your ride by taking an instagram photo.


  • Complete a challenge and get your name on the “Wall of Rad” for that challenge. The Wall will be displayed on at Paradise Garage on a digital display for all to see! That’s right, you will have earned bragging rights.
  • Complete 3 challenges and earn yourself a PG Challenge pin that will everyone know just how rad you are!
  • Complete 5 challenges and gain free entry to PARTY SUPER AWESOME (free games, pizza, bike related competitions and arcade games with all of your friends). At this party we will be giving away a bunch of prizes i.e. socks, water bottles, hats, cycling clothing, and a wheelset as a grand prize!


  • August 21st – Party SUPER AWESOME at Arcade Super Awesome/Yellow Brick Pizza. Details to be announced soon!

What the rides are:

  • A ride to push your limits of fitness, technical ability and get you out of your comfort zone
  • A place to meet new friends (from the competitive and non-competitive community), grow cycling, and be SUPER AWESOME ambassadors of the cycling community
  • Self-supported: We provide the start times/locations, cue sheets and maps/.gpx files, 2 ride ambassadors, and FUN – but all riders are on there own for mechanical support, food and water.
  • Goal oriented: whether it is to complete them all, earn respect of your peers, win some awesome prizes from our sponsors/PG
    • Examples: getting your name on the “Wall of Rad”, being able to say remember that one time I rode the hike-a-bike and Taylor Kruse had to walk etc…
  • Rides can be completed at any time. With a group or without. Use a GPS/Smartphone to track your progress during your ride. When you complete the route join our Strava group: PG Challenges and upload your ride file. Don’t use Strava? No problem email your .gpx file to and we will verify the completion and add your name to the Wall of Rad.

What the rides are not:

  • A RACE!!! None of these routes were designed to be raced or done for “fastest known time” – some of the routes are on bike paths, so riding courteously will be important. We are all doing this for fun, so please don’t scare the other bike path users and make sure you signal when you pass either with a bell or by calling out “on your left.”
  • Drop rides: Ride at your own pace is encouraged, but they are designed to be community events, so hang out, make friends and ride for fun!


PG Challenge Schedule:

Challenge #1: Columbus Loop – Road – May 15th 12:00 pm

Challenge #2: Candyland – CX/MTB – May 21st 11:00 am

Challenge #3: Chestnut Ridge – Road/CX/MTB – June 12th 9:00 am

Challenge #4: Great Seal – MTB/CX – June 24th 6:00 pm

Challenge #5: Bride of Frankenbike – MTB/CX July 9th 11:00 am

Challenge #6: Lake Hope Epic: 100 miler – MTB/CX – July 30th 8:00 am

BONUS Challenge: Two laps of Mohican State Park MTB trail – MTB/CX – complete any time and upload your file to Strava for a delicious prize from Yellow Brick Pizza.