PG Challenge #4: Chestnut Ridge
















A 57 mile course that takes you on a Columbus to Chestnut Ridge Metro park odyssey. It is an out-and-back via the Three Creeks bike path to Chestnut Ridge MTB trail. Once you arrive at Chestnut Ridge you will complete one full loop of the trail and then return via the same bike path. This route can be ridden on either a CX or MTB. The Chestnut Ridge MTB is a demanding trail for a CX bike, but will help you improve your skills and get you ready for later challenges. For a more relaxing, fun ride, choose a MTB and spin your way to glory.

Not ready for the dirt yet? We are planning a road version of this route that will also count for this challenge, but don’t get too comfortable on the pavement because this is the last road-only challenge of the series.

Ideal bike: CX/MTB – Road if you are doing the road only option

Date: June 10, 2017

Start Time: 9 am

Start Location: Paradise Garage

Completion time: generally 4-7 hours

Off-road route:

Road-only route: