PG Challenge Bonus: Two Laps at Mohican

MohicanThis PG Challenge is “bonus,” because it is a ride that is rarely completed. It is perceived as so difficult that even PG ambassadors decided they didn’t want to tackle it. The distance of this challenge is a demanding 46 miles on some of the best single track Ohio has to offer. Mohican State Park is located in Loudonville, OH. To complete the bonus challenge you will do not one, but 2 laps of steep climbs, descents, roots, and rocks of this old school style single track-ouch this is going to hurt! On a MTB this course is very rarely completed 2 times in one day, but on a CX bike…is it even possible? You tell us?

The “bonus” challenge is a 100% self-supported ride. That means there will be no PG ambassadors to hand out cue sheets, give you advice on how best to complete the challenge or ride with you to boost your morale. This one is 100% on you! Show up when you want, with friends or even solo, ride as fast as you want, but just remember to turn in your .gpx file to get credit for completing it.

This challenge will count towards 1 of the 5 challenges you must complete to be eligible for the grand prize: free entry to Party Super Awesome at Arcade Super Awesome in August. If you are gnarly enough to complete it on a CX bike you might even earn a special bonus prize.

Ideal bike: MTB/CX

Date: The challenge is open May 15 – July 31st

Start Time: Pick your own time

Start Location: Mohican State Park – Mile 1 – MTB Trailhead – GPS: 40°36’25.5″N 82°15’30.5″W

Completion time: generally 5-9 hours